Cove Park Residency Show @ Dunoon Burgh Hall

Cove flyer_d2


Cove Park

I’m off to do a week’s residency in Cove Park, shortly. Gathering books, materials, thought strands, screwing courage to the sticking place. I’m planning to introduce my poetry to my visual art and see what happens. hooded The residency will be followed in August by a group exhibition in Dunoon Burgh Hall. Watch this space for more info.

Janus days

(The days at the turn of the year)

a process of sinking – a following of form, a stripping away, a pursuit into the unknown.

Last year, in these turning days, I made large, shadowy ink paintings on paper.




Red indian skirt, grandmother’s shawl, grandmother’s easel, grandmother’s onionskin paper, sandals in December, the wrong feet, a child’s brush, the sludge from the bottom of last week’s painting jar, pastel scraps; the size of two overlapping pieces of roughly A3 paper.

Art on a Postcard

I have two works up for auction at this year’s Art on a Postcard, with proceeds going to The Hepatitis C Trust.

Of course I can’t post an image, as it’s a secret auction – but you can see all the lots up for sale here!

A worthy cause, and some fabulous artwork.