Ignite Fellowship – Scottish Book Trust

I’m thoroughly delighted to be starting 2020 with the prospect of working with the Scottish Book Trust as a recipient of their Ignite Fellowship.

I’ll be working on a collection of poems provisionally titled ‘The Water Cure’, investigating the waters of the west coast of Scotland, their histories, geographies, myths and peoples.

More soon!

What the sky demands

the wind insists on.
How much light can one body bear?

See what we become when our gnarled,
knotted needs are swept aside.
A landscape stripped to the horizon
to rockform, flint flaked with hesitant gleam.
Gorse-root fingered, peat block feet
tread paths perpendicular to the weather.
Whin-haired, heather sweetened,
a huddle of willow bickers

behind you, a flock of starlings
weave their old prayers into the cloud.